Dr. Derek Murray, D.C.

Owner + Founder

In 2011 Dr. Derek Murray experienced a low back injury while in Chiropractic college that changed his life. While lying in the hospital bed the neurosurgeon described the operation he would perform to ‘fix’ the problem. Dr. Derek felt compelled to bypass the operation and rely on what he believed to be the answer to truly correct his condition: Chiropractic. It was a moment he had to put action to his faith in this healing art and it worked! Through specific, corrective chiropractic care, Dr. Derek experienced healing and a new found passion to deliver the message of hope to those who are experiencing pain. Dr. Derek knows what it is like to have debilitating pain, uncertainty and the unfortunate reliance on the Western medical model.

Dr. Derek Murray is a certified Chiropractic BioPhysics practitioner, he chose this technique because it is the most advanced, research based, corrective chiropractic technique in the world.

Dr. Derek believes that healing is just around the corner for those willing to take the first step. The power that made the body heals the body.