Why Consider Postpartum Chiropractic Care?

The postpartum period is a time of great change for most women and can be a little overwhelming. In addition to dealing with the physical demands of labor and delivery, you will also experience emotional and mental issues.

However, you can face these challenges head-on through effective chiropractic care and hugely improve your overall health and well-being. Elevation Spine Center in Bend, Oregon is the preferred provider of chiropractic care to moms. We take time to evaluate each patient and create an individualized plan.

Here’s how our postpartum chiropractic care can help you.

Improves Postpartum Pelvic Organ Prolapse (POP) Recovery

Postpartum pelvic organ prolapse (POP) is a condition that occurs when the bladder, uterus, or other pelvic organs lose support leading to a significant drop in pressure and causing significant pain.

A simple chiropractic adjustment can help bring your vaginal muscles back into alignment and improve your POP recovery.

Reduces Mood Swings in Pregnancy

Postpartum Chiropractic Care is a natural way to help your new mom get back into the swing after childbirth. After experiencing an incredible amount of physical and emotional changes, most women will experience mood swings. These are normal and temporary, so you don’t have to worry much.

Mood swings can cause a lot of frustration and stress for new moms who are already feeling overwhelmed with their new responsibilities. Postpartum Chiropractic can help reduce these mood swings by relieving tension in the muscles and joints that may be causing them.

Reduces Pain and Increase Mobility

The postpartum period is a time of transition for both mother and child. The little one is learning to sit, crawl and walk while mom is recovering from pregnancy’s physical and emotional demands.

As a result, many new mothers experience back pain or other muscle or joint issues that make it difficult for them to continue their daily activities.

However, through Postpartum chiropractic, you can recover from pregnancy and childbirth, reduce pain and increase mobility. It focuses on restoring the body to its natural state of balance and alignment.

Recover From Childbirth Injuries Quickly

Many women who have given birth experience a series of postpartum injuries. In some cases, these injuries can be severe and even life-threatening. That’s why Post-partum chiropractic care exists to aid your recovery process.

A trained chiropractor will examine you, determine if you are suffering from any postpartum injury, and work with you to restore your body’s natural healing process.

Improves Fitness Levels

After giving birth, many women feel physically exhausted and out of shape due to a lack of exercise during pregnancy and recovery from delivery. Postpartum exercise programs can help you improve your fitness level so that you can get back into shape faster than if you tried on your own.

Some programs require participants to meet regularly with a trainer or physical therapist who will work with them one-on-one over time until they reach fitness goals specific to their needs at that time.

Postpartum Chiropractic Care At Elevation Spine Center

Ultimately, chiropractic care after childbirth is beneficial for supporting your postpartum body as your body goes through the many changes associated with pregnancy. While various practices work well after childbirth, visiting your chiropractor will only benefit you in the long run. Call Elevation Spine Center in Bend, Oregon, today for an appointment!



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