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chiropractic neck pain treatment at Elevation Spine Center in Bend Oregon

If you think that neck pain is a relatively uncommon condition, you would be wrong. You might be surprised to know that most people in Bend, Oregon will experience neck pain or neck-related complaints at some point in time. The cervical spine comprises those bones which support the neck. The bones of the spine protect the spinal cord and nerves. When in a normal alignment, its design incorporates stability and strength, limiting the pressure on the joints of the neck and the cartilage-like discs between them. When misaligned, the vertebrae and discs are under increased pressure, which can lead to pain and even degeneration of the joints. Optimal alignment also minimized stress on the spinal cord and nerves allowing efficient communication between the brain and all body parts.

When the spine becomes misaligned, whether due to a sudden trauma or slowly over time due to poor posture, abnormal pressure is put on joints and the nerves surrounding them. More likely than not, it will be eventually experienced as pain by the individual. These misalignments can interrupt communications between the brain and the rest of the body, meaning the sufferer can experience decreased functionality and even lower overall health.

Often these neck problems can start as limited range of motion, and stiffness or tightness. Eventually, if the nerves become irritated by the alignment, tingling and numbness in the hands and fingers, a cold sensation in the hands, and possibly weakness in gripping strength can occur. Some of the possible sources for neck misalignments include the following:

  • injuries to soft tissues like ligaments, tendons, and muscles
  • structural issues like scoliosis or a reversed curvature, which results in a compression of the joints and discs
  • neurological causes such as a pinched nerve, spinal cord issue, and possibly even brain malfunction
  • poor posture over a long period of time.

Treating the cause of the neck pain

How we can help

In Bend, Oregon, our licensed chiropractors at Elevation Spine Center will work to identify the cause of your neck pain using our modern diagnostic equipment. Once that has been determined, we will develop a customized program of corrective chiropractic care that will apply to your specific circumstances. We may recommend such corrective methods as postural exercises, spinal traction, and spinal adjustments. All of which will have a positive impact on correcting the underlying cause of your neck pain.

We will also recommend some customized exercises you can do at home to speed up the recovery process. We will also educate you about some of the things which may be contributing to your neck pain. For example, work ergonomics, computer positioning, and sleeping habits. Our overall comprehensive approach will work together to correct the cause of your neck pain. Our goal isn’t temporary relief of symptoms, it is to truly correct the problem.

When is it time for chiropractic care?

Never let neck pain go untreated

If you are having any type of neck stiffness or tightness it is a good idea to get a spinal checkup by one of our licensed doctors of chiropractic. However, if your neck problem is causing symptoms in your hands and fingers such as numbness, tingling, coldness or weakness, this means the nerves are being compromised and you should get a thorough exam and Xrays right away.

Another reason to see us is when you find it difficult to live a normal day without painkillers and medications. If you are popping over-the-counter medications like ibuprofen or acetaminophen, to get through the day, you are merely hiding the symptoms. Also, long term use of these pills can result in serious side effects. You can call our Bend Oregon office today to schedule an appointment so you can finally find out what the underlying cause of your neck pain. Stop procrastinating and get on the road to a pain-free life.

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