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Posture & hyperkyphosis treatment at Elevation Spine Center in Bend, Oregon

Poor posture and hyperkyphosis are commonly categorized as the same condition while being two distinctly different health problems. Poor posture is the habit of slumping shoulders, head, and neck more forward than usual, and this is referred to as Forward Head Posture. This is the most common abnormal posture we see at our Bend, Oregon chiropractic clinic. Forward head posture causes muscles in the neck and trapezius (shoulders/upper back) area to tighten and become painful and tender. Some studies have shown that forward head posture also triggers an increase in headaches and migraines.

In comparison, hunchback, or hyperkyphosis, occurs when the thoracic spine (middle back) curves backward more than it should. This rounding of the thoracic spine can cause plenty of problems and issues, and it currently affects more than three million people in this country. It is not healthy for you to live with hyperkyphosis, even though it is somewhat common. Hyperkyphosis can affect individuals of all ages, but is most common in aging adults. Patients with thoracic spine hyperkyphosis usually have multiple symptoms that are closely associated with their posture.

Hyperkyphosis sufferers may be troubled by symptoms which include:

  • gastric hernias
  • reduced spinal mobility
  • forward head posture
  • inability to sit up straight
  • neck and back pain
  • muscle pain
  • headaches and migraines
  • difficulty breathing
  • muscle weakness
  • increased risk of falling
  • spinal compression fractures
  • osteoarthritis
  • reduced quality of life.

Posture and hyperkyphosis treatment

Non-invasive treatment at Elevation Spine Center Chiropractic Clinic

The most effective treatments for poor posture will generally be a combination of corrective exercises, spinal traction, spinal manipulation, and sometimes massage therapy. When used together, these methods can bring about significant results in helping someone improve their natural posture. Once a postural analysis is performed, we work to teach patients how to focus on their posture while outside the clinic. At our Bend Oregon chiropractic clinic, we use state-of-the-art posture analysis software that will measure the abnormal posture. This helps us monitor the improvement as we perform corrective chiropractic methods.

To diagnose Hyperkyphosis, doctors will perform a thorough physical exam, orthopedic tests, range of motion tests, and precision x-rays. All these techniques will help pinpoint the exact severity of the curvature from which a person is suffering. A true hyperkyphosis case would be one in which the curvature of the spine measures over 50°.

Patients with hyperkyphosis can reduce their spinal curvatures with corrective chiropractic techniques, including the “Mirror-Image” protocols. This will involve doing postural exercises which help to reduce curvature, spinal adjustments that relieve pressure on vertebrae, and thoracic extension traction. Our doctors will also generally recommend a program of at-home exercises, all of which help to reduce the deformity without the need for any kind of surgery.

Bad posture or hyperkyphosis is not something you have to live with, but it can cause some serious health issues if left untreated. If you suspect either of these two medical conditions, contact us at the Elevation Spine Center in Bend, Oregon right away, so we can arrange for an initial consultation. We’ll then be able to identify your issue precisely and formulate an effective program of corrective action.

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