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If you or someone you know is suspected of having scoliosis, you should waste no time in contacting a Rapid City scoliosis doctor. At Thrive Chiropractic in Rapid City, we have such specialists on staff, so we’ll be able to examine you and make a determination on whether or not you have scoliosis, and if we find that you do have the disease, some next steps will be taken. Having been diagnosed with scoliosis, you or your youngster would then undergo a comprehensive consultation with our experienced scoliosis doctor, so they can learn all about your medical history.

This medical history consultation will serve two main functions: first of all, it will tell our specialist exactly how you have been impacted by scoliosis over the recent years, and it will also serve as the basis for a program of treatment which gets customized for your circumstances. Then our scoliosis doctor will collaborate with you or your youngster on a program which will be most effective in managing the disease, and on halting the further progression of it.

The best approach to treating scoliosis involves a discipline known as chiropractic biophysics (CBP), which is directly related to normalizing posture in patients through a number of different techniques and procedures. Here at Thrive Chiropractic, we have experts on staff who are skilled at administering CBP to patients, and that will provide them with the best chance for halting any further curvature, and for reversing the effects of the disease.

How CBP helps scoliosis patients

Getting started with a thorough examination and treatment plan

There are a number of procedures which can be used in the treatment of scoliosis, and a chiropractic biophysicist will be adept at carrying these out with patients to provide the best possible care. In some cases, a trial and error approach must be adopted, to see what a patient responds best to, but for the most part, scoliosis patients do respond fairly well to some of the following treatments:

  • Mirror-image adjustments – this assists the chiropractor in the adjustment of the patient’s spine by re-balancing the body’s sense of proper alignment and by triggering enhanced nerve and muscle responses
  • Traction therapies – these involve gentle stretching of the spine, to help it return to its normal position, and to gradually stretch out the nerves, tissues, and muscles close to the spine to expedite the process
  • Scoliosis-specific exercises – a number of exercises have been developed which specifically operate on the tissues and muscles which are responsible for supporting the spine, so as to help them become stronger, and to adopt a more normal positioning
  • Kyphosis bracing – traditional scoliosis bracing seeks to maintain the current position of nerves affecting the spine, so that no further curvature will take place. More advanced kyphosis bracing adopts an aggressive approach which seeks to unwind scoliotic nerves, so as to actually reverse the curvature which has taken place.

The earlier your scoliosis can be diagnosed, the more likely it is that successful treatment can be arranged and carried out by your scoliosis doctor. Contact us today at Thrive Chiropractic, so we can schedule you for an initial consultation, and determine whether you actually have the disease. If so, we’ll be able to plan out a program with you which will seek to arrest the progress of the disease, and help you get back to normal.

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