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Surprisingly, only about half the people who are injured in a car crash ever experience a full recovery. Often, this is because the full extent of injuries is never discovered. This makes it very important that you get properly diagnosed as soon as possible after a car accident, to determine which tissues have been injured by the whiplash trauma.

During an auto accident, the sudden impact can cause a great deal of injury. It can cause injury to ligaments, nerves, discs, muscles, tendons, the spinal cord, and even the brain, which may sustain a concussion. Even when you’ve been involved in what you may think is a minor car crash, you may have still undergone a whiplash type of trauma. Research shows that speeds as low as 5-10 mph can cause the head and neck to go through the whiplash mechanism that causes injury to the spine. After any car crash, it’s possible for you to feel any or all of the following symptoms:

  • muscle spasms
  • weakness in the hands
  • numbness or tingling in the hands and fingers
  • dizziness
  • blurry vision
  • insomnia
  • neck pain
  • headaches
  • back pain
  • pain which radiates into the arms and shoulders
  • jaw pain
  • general disorientation.

Our approach to whiplash treatment

Comprehensive diagnosis and personal care plans

We work to provide a comprehensive chiropractic experience when you visit our clinic in Bend, Oregon. Our new patient history and exam is administered by our board certified Doctors of Chiropractic, who are skilled in whiplash auto injuries. By using state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment, we can identify the exact extent of your injuries to develop a customized treatment plan. After diagnosis, we’ll know which tissues are injured (muscles, ligaments, discs, nerves, spinal cord, brain, etc), and we’ll be able to plan a custom program of corrective chiropractic tailored to your injuries.

One of the diagnostic techniques we may use is a dynamic range of motion test that measures your range of motion during normal movements. Our goal is to determine how your injuries affect the movement of your muscles and joints. By documenting the pain you experience during movement, we can determine the impact of any soft tissue injuries.

This will provide us with a graphical representation of your quality of motion. We’ll be able to use various rehabilitation methods to help restore high-quality motion. It may be necessary to administer the same test several times to measure your progress and to continue to advance your treatment. To correct the tissues that are damaged, a careful diagnosis is needed. This is a reason why only half of auto accident victims ever fully recover – the true extent of their injuries is never fully identified.

A missed diagnosis could result in you joining the 50% who suffer from pain for years, or even the 25% that suffer some form of disability due to the crash for their entire lives. The determination of the extent of the whiplash injury is therefore the most important part of treatment because it determines the appropriate treatment that must be provided to help ensure a complete recovery. After learning exactly how you were injured, our chiropractors can alleviate the pain you feel in your neck or back and help you reduce or eliminate headaches. Once treated, injured ligaments, muscles, and tendons may be rehabilitated to as near as possible to their pre-accident condition. This helps ensure your spine will return to optimal stability. Also, after a whiplash injury, there may be some traumatically-induced abnormal alignment of the spine, especially to the curvature of your neck. This can lead to neck pain, headaches, and even irritation of the nerves. This curvature can also be corrected and restored when properly identified and when the most appropriate form of corrective chiropractic is chosen as part of the care plan.

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