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Many chiropractors are adept at restoring your spine’s alignment and reducing any pain or inflammation present. These are very effective methods without a doubt. But, there is another discipline known as chiropractic biophysics (CBP) which takes the process a step further and can be even more effective. Here’s what it’s all about.

What is chiropractic biophysics?

A Highly Advanced Chiropractic Technique

Chiropractic biophysics was first developed in 1980 by Dr. Donald Harrison. He applied his mechanical engineering training to the treatment of the spine and its realignment. Over time, he developed several specific adjustments for realigning the entire spine rather than just one segment. It wasn’t long before this approach was proven to be phenomenally successful, and it has been enjoying widespread success ever since.

For those who have not heard of it before, CBP refers to a highly advanced chiropractic technique that is solidly based on science. It has been shown very effective at correcting spinal misalignments. It combines several disciplines to pinpoint the source of chronic pain, discomfort, loss of mobility, and several other health issues. Chiropractic biophysics works to address your chronic pain and subluxations by integrating the science of physics, geometry, physiology, biology, and anatomy.

CBP vs DC vs MD vs PT
CBP® Doctor of Chiropractic Doctor of Chiropractic Medical Doctor Doctor of Physical Therapy
Education: Total Classroom Hours 4700 hrs 4700 hrs 4550 hrs 3075 hrs
Training on Structural Rehabilitation of the Spine 400+ hrs 0 hrs 0 hrs 0 hrs
Drugs (to hide symptoms)
Surgery (to fuse or remove symptom generator)
Functional Rehabilitation
Adjustments of the spine
Biomechanical Analysis of X-rays
Mirror-Image® Traction to correct the cause of the problem
Mirror-Image® Exercises to correct the cause of the problem
Mirror-Image® Adjustments to correct the cause of the problem

Components of CBP

The 3 Main Principles of Chiropractic BioPhysics

Here are the most commonly used elements which make up chiropractic biophysics:

  • postural corrective exercises – several corrective exercises are included in CBP to stabilize the spine in a proper alignment. These exercises include mirror-image corrective exercises and advanced functional movements that systematically re-synchronize any alignment asymmetries or movement patterns.
  • specific spinal adjustments – at the core of all chiropractic practice is the spinal adjustment. All these work to reduce pain while also increasing the range of motion. A few precise spinal adjustments can change the alignment of your spine and improve your posture. These adjustments are the ones incorporated into CBP.
  • corrective traction – this process helps significantly toward the goal of achieving a properly aligned spine. After corrective traction is applied, x-rays can monitor the degree of improvement. Additional traction can then be applied if necessary. All traction administered to patients is customized to their specific spinal misalignment so that every person receives fully personalized treatment.

Impact of CBP

Come to See How Chiropractic BioPhysics Can Help You

Many people have been helped by chiropractic biophysics, even those who have struggled with chronic pain for years. It’s no exaggeration to say that individuals have experienced life-changing results when undergoing CBP. Even better, the results obtained through CBP are longer-lasting than those achieved with traditional care. They also bring about improvements in neurological function.

In several studies, chiropractic biophysics has consistently proven to be the most effective method for treating spinal misalignments, reducing inflammation, and relieving chronic pain and discomfort. In addition, many people who have been bothered by headaches and chronic migraines for years have received relief through CBP. Chiropractic biophysics has proven to relieve tension headaches, as well. People who have tried several other treatments without success sometimes find the relief they’ve been searching for with chiropractic biophysics.

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