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Webster technique for prenatal care

The Webster Technique is a specific chiropractic process that can assist mothers during childbirth. It can reduce the effects of sacral subluxations and allow more normal function of the pelvis region. The presence of sacral subluxations can make labor more difficult by triggering such events as pelvic contractions, inadequate uterine function, and poor presentation of the infant. The Webster chiropractic technique corrects all these issues by addressing sacral subluxation.

Certified Webster Chiropractor

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The Webster Technique is becoming increasingly popular among families who wish to provide a more comfortable birthing experience with fewer complications and difficulties for the mother. There are several benefits associated with becoming certified as a Webster chiropractor, including all the following:

  • it can help your patients to have easier childbirths
  • certified practitioners receive regular updates on developments in the industry and on any new techniques
  • being certified makes you a member of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA)
  • as an ICPA member, you’ll be listed in an expansive directory, making it easier for patients to find you
  • certification shows families that you are qualified to perform the Webster Technique

History of the Webster Technique

Created by Dr. Larry Webster

The founder of the ICPA is Dr. Larry Webster, and he first developed the technique when his daughter was going through childbirth. Although he assisted with chiropractic care, he felt he could do even more with it. The birthing process was particularly difficult, and he was even more convinced that chiropractic care would be an effective method. He believed that some adjustments could be made during childbirth to facilitate the process, especially in the pelvic area.

Soon afterward, Dr. Webster was involved with caring for another mother going through childbirth, and her unborn infant was in a breech position. In the weeks before the delivery, he used his newly discovered technique to shift the child to a normal vertex position. At that point, Dr. Webster began instructing other chiropractic doctors how to use his method so more families could be helped by managing subluxations during childbirth.

Quite a few similar incidents followed in the weeks and months after. Dr. Webster and his colleagues assisted a considerable number of mothers faced with breech babies. In each case, they were successfully re-positioned before actual delivery. Another of Dr. Webster’s daughters later became pregnant. He insisted that she undergo the technique with her chiropractor to have an easier birth. That was also successful and thus proved the reliability and consistency of the Webster Technique.

The ICPA began offering a full-blown certification course in 2000 for chiropractors interested in learning the technique. The organization’s executives published a paper in 2012 that clarified the process and its intent. The Webster Technique was now an essential part of chiropractic care for expecting mothers.

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