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Scoliosis refers to an abnormal spinal curvature as seen on Xray when looking at the spine from the front. Normally the spine from the front view should be relatively straight. With scoliosis, not only is the spine “crooked” but it is also twisted at the center of the curvature. Spinal curvature is always most accurately measured by performing a front-to-back Xray view of the spine. In cases where spinal curvature exceeds 10°, it qualifies as scoliosis. Traditional medical treatment of a scoliosis curvature consists of “watchful waiting” when the spinal curvature is no more than 25°. This means most medical doctors, including orthopedic surgeons, offer no treatment when curves are less than 25°, leaving parents and patients frustrated.

At Elevation Spine in Bend Oregon, we do not believe “watchful waiting” is the best approach since many cases of scoliosis will progress when under 25°. Proper corrective chiropractic methods have the potential to prevent a scoliosis from worsening and in some cases reduce the curvature.

Scoliosis can affect both adolescents and adults, although it more commonly affects adolescents. In young people, during the growth and development stage, sometimes bones grow asymmetrically and become deformed as they adapt to pressures exerted on the vertebrae of the spine. This makes corrective care limited to an extent. However, any improvement is successful in the adolescent with scoliosis.

The development of scoliosis in adults follows a somewhat different process primarily attributable to pressure which causes the degeneration of bones and discs in the spinal column. This degeneration can often lead to pinched nerve symptoms. The condition has been found to affect 84% of all adult-onset scoliosis cases, but only 7% of adolescent cases.

Regardless of your age, you can be affected by scoliosis. In many cases, scoliosis treatment can bring significant relief and possibly some spinal restoration to its normal positioning. Visit our expert chiropractic team at the Elevation Spine Center in Bend, Oregon, to find out how we can help you.

Scoliosis treatment approaches

Bend Chiropractor offering multiple treatment options

There are several different treatments for both adolescents and adults suffering from painful scoliosis:

  • Medical doctors – medical doctors might prescribe drugs and painkillers and in the end, recommend surgery. These may be just masking the problem and providing little hope of success.
  • Physical therapists – will generally take the approach where they perform functional rehabilitation to strengthen the spine and increase mobility. This approach may improve spinal function, but it doesn’t restore alignment at all. Physical therapist are not licensed to order, take or “read” x-rays, which are necessary to measure scoliosis.
  • Chiropractic care – at our chiropractic center, we use the two scoliosis-specific exercises that research has shown to be effective when managing scoliosis without surgery. Scoliosis traction using specialized equipment also helps with the stiffer spinal curves.

Scoliosis-specific exercises

Strengthening the supporting muscles

Regularly performing these exercises can result in a spinal realignment, strengthening the muscles that support it. For stiffer spines, it is also helpful to include a program that uses mechanical traction that stretches out the spine and helps improve scoliosis by increasing mobility.

Scoliosis specific traction

Increasing mobility of the joints

When someone has any structural spinal condition, including scoliosis, spinal traction may be helpful in creating more mobility of the joints. This allows the spine to bend and conform into a better alignment. When done in conjunction with scoliosis specific exercises, stabilization of the spine in this improved alignment can be achieved.

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