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Congrats Mama!

We know that a lot of changes take place during the 9 months of pregnancy, Chiropractic care can help make some of those changes easier!

Our Chiropractors have specialized training in the Webster Technique and specialized equipment to treat you throughout the entire pregnancy, using adjustable tables and pregnancy pillows to accommodate mom’s growing belly! Our Prenatal chiropractors will also provide you with specific stretches and exercises designed to help relieve tension and discomfort during pregnancy.

As mom’s belly grows through the pregnancy, her center of gravity can shift. This shifting can lead to changes in the pelvis and spine biomechanics (increased curvature and anterior translation of the lumbar spine), causing lower back pain, sciatica, round ligament pain and more. Hormonal changes can also add to the stress placed on mom’s body while your little one is growing!

Chiropractic visits can address all of these issues. A recent study found that more than 75% of women who maintained regular chiropractic appointments during pregnancy reported significant pain relief. While some chiropractic adjustments aim to help re-align the spine and pelvis, others improve overall balance. In addition to aiding the mother through the pregnancy, prenatal chiropractic care can be very beneficial for the development of mom and baby!

When a woman’s pelvis is out of alignment for any reason, it can restrict the amount of space available to the baby for growing. Birth defects may occur when any force restricts the normal development or movements of the baby. If the pelvis is misaligned, it may be difficult for the baby to achieve an optimal delivery positioning. That could interfere with having a natural, non-invasive delivery of the baby. Whenever the baby cannot get into the optimal delivery position, it invariably results in a longer, more complicated birthing process for the mother.

There is considerable evidence that chiropractic care improves the outcomes associated with labor and delivery. In many cases, it also reduces the length of time a mother spends delivering the baby. When the mother can have a shorter delivery, it’s also better for the baby since it is less traumatized by the whole process. For both mother and child, the chances of having a more comfortable delivery increase by including chiropractic care during the entire pregnancy.

Graphic showing Early Pregnancy and Late Pregnancy comparisons

Webster Technique

Chiropractic care for the expecting mother

During pregnancy, many changes take place to your body. As baby grows, your body has to accommodate to those changes and that can place stress on the lower back, sacrum and surrounding structures. The Webster Technique is a specific chiropractic analysis that aims to balance the bones, muscles and ligaments of the pelvis. By creating balance in the pelvis, we allow adequate room for baby to grow and decrease the stress placed on mom’s changing body.

Benefits of seeing a Webster Certified Chiropractor:

  • decreased lower back pain
  • relief of round ligament pain
  • faster labor and delivery time
  • increased neurological communication
  • balanced pelvis for optimal positioning for baby

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