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If you have suffered a sports injury, the fastest way to return to competition is to diagnose the issue quickly and accurately and then formulate a proper treatment plan. At the Elevation Spine Center in Bend, Oregon, our team of licensed Doctors of Chiropractic are skilled at pinpointing the underlying cause of any problem or injury you may have recently suffered, or even suffered some time ago.

No matter if you are an elite competitive athlete or a weekend warrior who has suffered a sports injury, we can help you determine the extent of the damage and what is required to recover from it. Following an injury, the most important thing to do is determine the extent of any tissue damage. In some cases, it might be a simple muscle strain, and in others, you may have torn a ligament or ruptured a disk.

While all of these injuries are soft tissue injuries, they will require a different treatment program. Each program should be very detailed and specific. When you come to visit us, our sports injury treatment will begin with x-rays and possibly an MRI to pinpoint the extent of any damage. Then we’ll develop a customized program of treatment that addresses the precise cause of the damage so that you can recover in the shortest possible time frame.

Our approach to treating sports injuries

Receive a custom care plan after a thorough diagnosis

The Elevation Spine Center uses the most advanced diagnostic equipment to identify which tissues have been injured and how badly. Once we know this, we can collaborate with you on the best possible treatment program to help you get back on the playing field as soon as possible. Here are some of the possible strategies we may incorporate into your program of treatment:

  • manual and massage therapy
  • therapeutic exercises
  • specific chiropractic adjustments customized to your injury
  • spinal traction
  • at-home exercises.

When you’ve suffered a sports injury, you shouldn’t just try to relieve the pain by taking medications, because that will only mask the issue for a brief period, and then all the pain will likely come back again. This strategy does not address the underlying issue, which is the damaged body parts, so even if it works for a while, it will not fix the problem.

We have helped a large number of athletes and weekend athletes who have sustained injuries in the area of their ankles or knees, hips and lower back, shoulders, neck and upper back, and wrist or elbow injuries. These types of injuries can be treated most quickly through expert diagnosis and appropriate chiropractic care.

Do not leave it to chance – contact us today at Elevation Spine Center and let our experts determine what has been damaged. What we find will be the focal point of a collaborative treatment program. Your participation in at-home stretches and exercises will have a positive effect on accelerating the recovery period needed, so you’ll be back to competing like before.

Contact our office to schedule a comprehensive sports injury assessment. We will work to get you back to your sport or activity as soon as possible.

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